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Here are just a couple of our children’s stories that we are currently family finding for.

Meet Lachlan and Phyfe

Lachlan is a really chatty little boy … really chatty!

He’s a nice and inquisitive 4-year-old and likes to ask lots of questions. He loves to help his foster carers and finds pride in having his own tasks to do like setting the table. Lachlan is caring of his younger brother Phyfe and will offer him lots of support to problem solve when playing together.

Lachlan has an interest in animals and enjoys playing with animal and dinosaur figures when not watching TV about animals and dinosaurs!  He also enjoys superheroes and knows the names of loads of Marvel characters.

Though Lachlan is chatty and confident he dislikes loud noises and he’s scared of thunderstorms and is anxious about the dark.

Though previously considered to be behind in his emotional, behavioural and social development, since being in his foster placement he has made good progress in all areas of his development. Nursery have said that Lachlan is establishing friendships in nursery, which they considered a ‘huge leap’ for him.

Together4Children - Our Children - Lachlan
Together4Children - Our Children - Phyfe

His brother Phyfe is 3 years old.  He’s happy, confident and playful.

Since being with his foster carers, Phyfe’s speech is developing well, and confidence is growing. 

Phyfe enjoys playing with cars and trains and enjoys a bit of problem solving when independently building a track. He also likes tractors and other construction toys that he can build, such as Lego bricks.

Television programmes and videos on the mobile phone are a favourite and in particular, Peppa Pig.

Like his brother, he dislikes thunderstorms.

Phyfe has made recognisable progress in his learning and development and is achieving within expected areas. He enjoys going to nursery.

Meet Lyla

Lyla is a slight little girl with bright blue eyes, brown hair and a cheeky smile. Lyla has a fringe that she confidently sweeps over to the side herself! She’s just had her second birthday.

Lyla has a disability that affects her joints, but she is very much an active child.

Her personality has really blossomed since she has been living with her foster carers.  She’s smiley and knows how to make people laugh.

Lyla has now found her voice and is very vocal, although she cannot verbalise, she finds a way to communicate!

She likes socialising with others, but it must be on her own terms. She can dislike meeting other people for the first time or when unfamiliar adults come into her space, however; she is becoming more sociable.

Due to Lyla being unable to talk yet, her foster carers have supported her to use Makaton, which has been positive to connect with her. Lyla knows signs such as ‘food’ and ‘dog’.

Lyla has global development delay, but she is making progress. For example, she has gone from being immobile to recently taking her first few unaided steps. Lyla’s development remains under review. 

She attends physiotherapy and has been referred to orthotics to support her feet. Lyla is now standing with support and rolling from back to front. Lyla is very quick though on her bottom shuffling and turning.

Together4Children - Our Children - Lyla

Meet Sara

Together4Children - Our Children - Sara

Sara, just like her sister Lyla has big blue eyes, brown hair and a lovely smile.

Sara is a healthy, smiley, giggly little girl who has had her first birthday. She is starting to develop a big personality.  

Sara is now more interactive and sociable, enjoys her toys, eats well and loves food. Sara likes going out for walks in the double buggy with her sister.

Sara is known to give a stern stare to people especially to those that she does not know – but her foster carers are easily able to make her laugh and she is usually smiley. 

Sara had a noticeably flat head upon coming into care due to a lack of stimulation within the home. Sara has some developmental delay, but she has made lots of progress since being with her foster carers. She now sits with stability, rolls herself around and is on the brink of crawling.

Sara attends physiotherapy, her last session reported that she is making very good progress and that she is certainly catching up to her milestones.

Meet Riley

Riley is a really cheeky little boy with a good sense of humour. He loves to make people laugh and is excellent company.

He’s very sociable and loves to visit new places and try new things.  Like most boys his age he has lots of energy and loves being outside; exploring, getting wet and getting muddy … your typical 4-year-old!

Whilst living with his foster carers, Riley has really started to develop into a happy and affectionate little boy.  One of the adoption team said being in foster care has been somewhat of an ‘epiphany’!

He loves helping out his foster carers with little jobs around the house and though he enjoys one-to-one attention, he isn’t demanding.

Riley has settled well in his class at nursery and he enjoys playing and socialising with the other kids at school.

When we asked Riley what he loved the most he said it was, “To play football.” We asked him if he had one wish what it would be. He said, “To have my own family.”

Together4Children - Our Children - Riley

*profiles have been adjusted to maintain anonymity

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