Raj’s Story

Together4Children - Our Adopters - Raj

I’m a single woman who comes from a large supportive family. I’m currently just starting on the adoption journey and at the very early stages of the approval process.

I love children and I’ve always wanted to be a mother but finally I decided to go it alone rather than sit waiting for Mr. Right!

I’ve spent my life surrounded by children.  From a childhood with a mother who was a childminder, to a life today as a supportive “auntie” to family and friends’ children. 

I hope friends would say I have caring skills and on a wavelength with children.  I’ve supported friends who have children. I also have an amazing nephew who has a serious disability. I can sort out arguing teenagers or soothe the crying baby that no one else can!

I’m keen to create my own family identity with the children I adopt.  I have plenty of family and friends on hand to give advice on the best toddler groups and nurseries for example.  I understand that these early days will be tricky, and I’ll seek special time together with my new family.

People generally describe me as a fun-loving person; they say that I am kindhearted, loyal, positive and practical.  I would say I’m a very driven and focused person who recognises that I can make positive changes in life by planning and decision making but if things don’t go to plan I tend to re-evaluate, seek advice and go own another route – but I feel confident adoption is right for me.

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